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Australian Actor Covered His Body With Tattoos Of Kids' Drawings

Loving dad/actor Eddie Baroo turned himself into his kids' personal canvas by getting his arms and chest tattooed with his kids' drawings.

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You may remember him as the big, burly badass from films like Australia (2008) and Son of a Gun but the 47-year-old Aussie actor is no meanie in real life. Back at home, at least. That's because, for years, Eddie Baroo has been appearing in films sporting proud sleeves showcasing his four kids' drawings.

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Eddie Baroo, Photo found on Linsten Morris. EddieBaroo tattooedcelebrity tattooeddad kidsdrawing
Eddie Baroo, Photo found on Linsten Morris. #EddieBaroo #tattooedcelebrity #tattooeddad #kidsdrawing

It seems that the refrigerator door is not a high enough honor for his kids little artworks that he decided to have them on display wherever he goes. He even refuses to have them covered in many of his TV and film appearances as he's often seen with these slightly out-of-character tattoos playing a tough guy on screen.

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    Somebody recently posted a photo of the Australian actor on popular photo-sharing site, Imgur and were feasted on by doting parents and lurkers alike by the time the link was shared on Reddit.

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    Eddie Baroo, Photo found on IMDb. EddieBaroo tattooedcelebrity tattooeddad kidsdrawing
    Eddie Baroo, Photo found on IMDb. #EddieBaroo #tattooedcelebrity #tattooeddad #kidsdrawing

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    While many criticized him for ignoring the use of a refrigerator door and for how his tattoos may look like in some years' time on Imgur, Redditors particularly liked the idea and compared notes with how they keep their young ones' mementos. 

    Some were guilty of throwing the drawings their kids take home from school while others—touched by Baroo's gesture—will stick to keeping choice drawings with their good ol' fridge magnets.

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    ‘I feel like shit now, because I throw my 4 year old's artworks away as soon as he loses interest in keeping them, because the pre-k school he is in sends home more and more every single day. I am not a hoarder so I have to toss 99% of it,’ confessed one redditor.

    ‘Damn, he still looks like a total badass,’ said one user.

    Another commented: ‘If I become a father, I'm gonna have their pictures tattooed on me, too.’

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    Read the rest of the thread here.



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