Beautiful Vandalism: Abstract Tattoos By Nastasja Barashkova

Beautiful Vandalism: Abstract Tattoos By Nastasja Barashkova

Inspired by abstract art and graffiiti, Russian tattoo artist Nastasja Barashkova's tattoos are beautiful vandalism on skin.

The contemporary art touch to tattoos has been continuing to rise recently as more people are beginning to open up to new styles and ideas. While it's still highly criticized, we can't deny the influence and contributions of contemporary art in tattoos. It's not a style everyone's going to be very fond of but it's setting sail in the industry and people are going for it.

Russian tattoo artist, Nastasja Barashkova is one of the tattoo artists from Europe who turned to contemporary art for inspiration in her works. She creates raw-looking abstract tattoos in blackwork characterized by distinctive marks, strokes, and depth. Natasja is also known to tattoo her heavy blackwork pieces over clients' scars — yet another promising matter. While the 24-year-old is still quite far from making it into the ranks as her fellow contemporary art tattooists in Europe, she certainly has a lot of potential.

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