Bold 2 in 1 Optical Illusion Tattoos by Woo Tattooer

How many tattoos do you see?!

minerva10 months ago in Tattoo Artists

These bold and fun 2 in 1 optical illusion tattoos by Woo, a tattooer based in Korea, are such treats to see! They're clever, strong and mentally stimulating...- qualities that make a good, long-lasting tattoo you won't ever regret. Praise Woo's witty brains for composing such mind-bending tattoos! Composing one isn't that easy - coz if it is, it won't be this good! 

Scroll down and enjoy browsing! Optical illusion fans, these cool tattoos are for you!

For more of Woo's fun works, follow him on Instagram: @Woo_Tattooer