Bright Neo-Traditional Gentlemen Tattoos by Myrhwan Ogt

Bright Neo-Traditional Gentlemen Tattoos by Myrhwan Ogt

Women are often a more popular tattoo choice but the gentlemen tattoos of Myrhwan Ogt are a worthy match!

These neo-traditional gentlemen tattoos will have you wanting your own bearded ink in no time. 

When it comes to neo-traditional and traditional portraits or profile tattoos women are usually the more popular choice, but the work of Myrhwan Ogt will have you thinking otherwise. With his bright and colorful neo-traditional designs Ogt creates some sharp and dignified gentlemen tattoos that will have you craving one of your own! 

Working from Exotic Tattoo, Murcia, Ogt has a colorful style that flows through all of his work, of course it's his neo-traditional gentlemen tattoos that standout the most. 

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