Charismatic Japanese Saru Tattoos

Saru tattoos are a fun and charismatic Japanese tattoo.

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Japanese mask tattoos are a popular design and these Saru tattoos are one of them!

"Noh" theater is the classic Japanese musical drama that has been popular since the 14th century, a significant part of which is down to the masks used in the performances. Noh theater masks all represent a specific character, some of the most famous being Hyottoko, Okame, and Hannya- it is such masks that have since become a staple design in Japanese tattoos. A less common mask design, however, is that of Saru, the monkey mask. 

Saru tattoos are one of the more fun and charismatic Japanese mask tattoos. A greatly underrated design Saru tattoos have a lot to offer and we're going to show you why. Check out these Saru tattoos and enjoy some monkey ink!