Check Out The Coolest Pokémon Tattoo-Inspired Collage Right Now

If you want your tattoos to be the very best—like no one's ever was—then you might want to look at these illustrations by Jazmin Castillo.

Xaviera year ago in Stories

Pokémon fans will flip once they get to see the rest of student artist Jazmin Castillo's Poké-collage made up of the coolest and most adorable little critters we all loved and trained. And if you think you can't lack any more patience holding it all in for Pokémon, GO! From everyone's favorites like Charmander and Torchic to more obscure ones like Mantine and Purrloin, Jazmin gave at least 160 Pokémon her own spin as she recreated them as vibrant tattoo designs.

Check out the rest of Jazmin's works here.