Classic Fine Line Tattoos By Domino Daily

Classic Fine Line Tattoos By Domino Daily

Single needle tattooing at its best!!

Filled with classic black and grey style the fine line tattoos of Domino Daily are awesome!

When you think of classic black and grey tattooing you think of that sharp fine line style- you think of work by the likes of Domino Daily. Daily has a killer fine line style that's strongly reminiscent of the original California single needle generation that gave birth to modern fine line tattooing. With classic designs and a true old school black and grey style Daily creates some great tattoos that only use one needle and one machine! 

Don't be fooled however, even with only one needle Daily's tattoos standout and catch your eye. Finished with a sharp look these fine line tattoos by Daily will remind you why single needle black and grey will be with us for the duration! 

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