Constellation Tattoos For All The Minimalists Out There

Constellation Tattoos For All The Minimalists Out There

Enchanting as they are, constellation tattoos should be on the "inspo list" of every tattoo enthusiast who is into minimalism.

Constellation tattoos are done in a simple yet stylish way using only line- and dotwork techniques. To spice it up, tattoo artists add colors or different symbols such as the moon, stars, flowers, animals representing a certain zodiac sign, etc...

There is definitely room for being creative - everyone can customize their constellation design as they please. The whole galaxy can be the source of inspiration... stars or zodiac signs - you pick!

Here is a small collection of my favorite constellation tattoos that, perhaps, will give inspiration for your next minimalistic tattoo.

In case you are not that into minimalism, have a look at our previous article 15 Enchanting Constellation Tattoos.

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