Monkey Designs Tattoo Janschekauski Manervaslinda monkeydesignstattoo

Cutting Edge Tattooist Outed As Actually Being a Monkey!

Kidding! - but a German artist did get a monkey to design his tattoo.

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So this actually happened - a MONKEY designed a tattoo. German artist Jan Schekauski had a monkey with its hands and feet covered in paint, play on his back - which, was then tattooed by Minerva Linda. It 

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Completed Tattoo Designed by Monkey Janschekauski Manervaslinda monkeydesignstattoo
Completed Tattoo Designed by Monkey #Janschekauski #Manervaslinda #monkeydesignstattoo

The video created to document the process is worth watching. How do you actually turn a bunch a paint splatter into a tattoo anyway?


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    If you think this is a cool project, check out more of Jan Schekauski and Minerva Linda's work online!



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