Dagger through smoking man tattoo by Neil Dransfield @Neil_Dransfield_Tattoo NeilDransfieldTattoo Black Blackwork Blackworkers DarkTattoos DarkArtists Dagger smoking man NeilDransfield

Daggers Through Faces: Beautiful Dark Tattoos By Neil Dransfield

Beautiful dark portrait and animal head tattoos combined with daggers by Neil Dransfield.

minerva in Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artist Neil Dransfield claims to be tattooing themes of heartaches and heartbreaks, and these dark and melancholic tattoos of daggers through faces perfectly portray it! If you're a fan of moody dark art such as this one, I'm sure you will be impressed by Dransfield's tattoo art. So, don't hesitate to visit his studio Oddfellows in Leeds, UK.


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    For more of his works, follow him on Instagram or visit his website.



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