Pinky Promise Tattoo by Tammy Kim pinkypromise friendshiptattoos friendship traditional TammyKim

Endearing Pinky Promise Tattoos

Perfect for a sweet friendship tattoo pinky promise tattoos are great!

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Suited to a number of styles pinky promise tattoos are as creative as they are cute! 

A pinky promise or a pinky swear is a gesture when two people interlock their little fingers as a symbolic recognition of an agreement, i.e. when two friends pinky promise to get matching tattoos together...only to fallout after doing so... 

Pinky promise tattoos are a charming design that is inspired by the gesture and makes for a great friendship tattoo. Perfect for anyone not wanting a matching tattoo, but is after a friendship themed design, pinky promise tattoos look good in a number of styles, and can make a great traditional filler piece. Take a look at these pinky promise tattoos and see why this simple idea provides an awesome tattoo subject! 


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    Pinky Promise Tattoo, artist unknown pinkypromise friendshiptattoos friendship traditional
    Pinky Promise Tattoo, artist unknown #pinkypromise #friendshiptattoos #friendship #traditional
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