GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS: 12 Traditional Lady Heads By Lizzie Renaud

GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS: 12 Traditional Lady Heads By Lizzie Renaud

Because girls do it better.

There are a lot of really, amazingly talented male artists out there who are known for their kickass lady heads. Tim Hendricks, Todd Noble, Andrea Giulimondi- all incredible tattoo artists who have mastered the art of making pretty ladies.

That being said- there's nothing like the female touch. Allow us to introduce to you Lizzie Renaud.

Renaud is a Toronto-based artist who works at Speakeasy Tattoo in Toronto. While she is more than able to execute most any design she's confronted with, it's undeniable that lady heads are her true specialty. 

Rose colored glasses by Lizzie Renaud @lizzietattoo #LizzieRenaud #ladyhead #traditional

There's something about a female artist rendering a female subject that just feels so, well, female. I understand that... that was the dumbest sounding sentence in the history of the world, but hear me out: Female artists (Rose Hardy, Danielle Rose, etc.) have a way of making their lady heads seem just so, pretty. They aren't just tattoos anymore- they're characters. The perfect little pops of white in the eyes, the luscious, ladylike lips, the flawless shading around each feature- the tiny finishing details that only a woman would pick up on. And Renaud is fucking incredible at it.

From her fine art to some of her most gorgeous tattoos, we've hand-picked our favorites form Renaud and listed them below. Have a look and don't forget to give her a follow on Instagram .

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