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Gorgeous Sternum Tattoos By Sophie Gibbons

Sternum tattoo designs are definitely a must have and Sophie Gibbons' are some of the finest!

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Thinking of getting a tattoo on your sternum? Then get ready to be inspired by the work of Sophie Gibbons.

Sternum tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos to have and the placement has become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Of course, if you're tattooing your sternum you want to do it right and it's always good to get some inspiration. Sophie Gibbons offers just that. Gibbons works at the tattoo shop Dust N Bones Tattoos where she creates simply beautiful sternum tattoos.

Clean, clear and impressive - Gibbons' sternum tattoos are some of her nicest work and show her incredible talent perfectly. Bound to get you pumped on getting your own sternum tattooed, Gibbons' tattoos offer some brilliant inkspiration!

Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
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Robert Davies
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