Hardcore Lettering Tattoos For Your Face

Lettering and script always looks good- even on your face!

21inkedd10 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Lettering face tattoos are a bold choice and one that can look awesome.

Face tattoos are a bold statement and a design you can't really hide, so if you're looking for a bold face tattoo why not go with some killer script! Lettering face tattoos are a cool choice that has incredible variety. With lettering being as versatile as it is, the design can be as big or small as you like (within reason) and can be customized to cover most areas like the chin, cheeks, forehead etc. 

Definitely, a tattoo for the hardcore collectors lettering face tattoos can look epic and they may just surprise you. Check out these rad lettering face tattoos and see how script can make a sweet face design. Maybe you'll be inspired to get your own...