Inked Ikons: The Realistic Illustrations Of Wayne Maguire

Famous characters and celebs are covered in tattoos in the realistic illustrations of Wayne Maguire.

jentheripper9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Illustrator Wayne Maguire creates stunning hyper-realistic drawings. His series "Inked Inkons" imagines the tattoos that famous characters and pop culture icons would have.

The Irish artist has a weakness for Tarantino movies, badass pop culture and rock'n'roll. With his jaw-dropping realistic illustrations, Wayne Maguire has stunned the tattoo community and art world. He is one of the leading figures of the punk edit movement (See: The Punk Edit Phenomenon: Yay Or Nay?). 

If you want to see what your favorite celebs and characters would look like tattooed you better take a look at the Facebook and Instagram pages of Wayne Maguire. And if you want some badass merchandising, visit his shop!