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IOC Backs Olympic Ring Tattoos At Rio 2016!

After a swimmers recent disqualification because of his tattoo the International Olympic Committee has backed Olympic themed ink!

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Rio 2016 looks set to welcome Olympic tattoos with open arms! 

Earlier this month Paralympic champion and 2012 gold medal winner Josef Craig was disqualified from a race at the European Swimming Championships because he failed to cover his tattoo- a lion and Olympic rings inked on his chest!! 

According to IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Craig breached a rule regarding body advertisements. Yep, he was disqualified because his tattoo was advertising the Olympics... The 19-year-old Brit covered his tattoo for the remaining races and bagged himself two silver medals, but the issue certainly got people talking. 

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    With the Rio games just around the corner, it was suggested athletes at the games with tattoos could face similar issues in relation to body advertisements. The International Olympic Committee, however, has other ideas, the president of the IOC announced how they were "always excited to see athletes with the Olympic Rings"

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    So where does this leave the athletes for Rio 2016, well those with Olympic rings tattoos should be able to display their body art with pride! Although other more questionable tattoos may have to be covered, i.e. if an athlete has a tattoo that endorses a specific company or organization it may have to be covered.  

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    Olympic ring tattoos have become a common design among competitors at the worlds most famous games and each year more athletes take the plunge and get them rings in ink. Be sure to watch the games and see how many people sport the design, you might be surprised!! 

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