Prepossessing Dotwork Tattoos By Effedots

Effedots has a beautiful geometric and dotwork style you can't help but love!

21inkedd10 months ago in Tattoo Artists

A true dotwork master Effedot's tattoos offer some awesome inspiration.

We all love a good dotwork tattoo, something about a simple design brought to life with hundreds of dots just captures the attention unlike anything else. Dotwork designs big and small all have a classy and stylish look about them and those of Effedots are no different! An artist with a brilliant geometric dotwork style, Effedots produces super clean tattoos that draw on a number of sources to create an unique design. 

Although primarily working with black ink Effedots also frequently adds some hints of red that really bring the tattoos to life and give them a great look.

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Dotwork Tattoo With Red and Black Ink #Dotwork #Geometric #DotworkGeometric #PatternTattoos #Effedots
Dotwork Tattoo With Red and Black Ink #Dotwork #Geometric #DotworkGeometric #PatternTattoos #Effedots

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