Rich And Colorful Tattoos By Little Andy

Rich And Colorful Tattoos By Little Andy

This artist gives an "out of this world" colorful feel to his work, definitely worth checking out!

Classic portraits and masterful compositions make up Little Andy's exceptional tattoo art... see what ties them all up together.

Little Andy, an amazing tattoo artist from London, makes solid and vibrant surreal tattoos. His work is definitely rooted in bold black lines and solid vibrant colors. Little Andy's palette has a galactic feel to it which makes his work look more surreal. The problem with most modern tattoos is that the tattoo doesn't stand the test of time, mainly because the tattooer failed to execute the tattoo properly. These tattoos by Little Andy, on the other hand, are definitely solid on the skin.

Hamsa is an image of a hand that is said to ward off evil spirits.

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