Skin, Paper & Cloth: The Tattoos Of Ayako Junko Osaki

Skin, Paper & Cloth: The Tattoos Of Ayako Junko Osaki

Ayako Junko Osaki is a travelling artist from Minneapolis.

Describing her work as "linework, etching, woodcut and blackwork" this talented tattooist is inspired by nature and animals.

The art of Ayako Junko Osaki has a very specific style. 

Travelling mainly between Minneapolis, Oakland, and Portland, Junko draws creative and unusual animals, creatures, human figures and more. 

On her website she says: "My mission is to offer a collaborative tattooing experience. I welcome everyone as a human friend. I am open to all energies and emotions."

Her spiritual, friendly and open attitude is reflected in her interesting, peaceful and artistic tattoos. 

More info about the artist over on her website - Skin, Paper and Cloth.

All photos are from the artist's Instagram.

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