Teeny-Tiny Black & Grey Micro Tattoos

Teeny-Tiny Black & Grey Micro Tattoos

Delicate, dainty, and sweet. Single needle tattoos are a safe choice for both new collectors and those with hardly any space left alike.

Micro tattoos are among the sickest ways to communicate an image ripe with detail without taking up too much space on your body. Too adorable ever to regret and so teeny they can fit just about anywhere, its no surprise micro tattoos have reached such popularity in the tattoo industry these days.

Opposite from the traditional Sailor Jerry-esque approach to tattooing, micro tattoos show no bold lines whatsoever. Detail and dimension are made with either teensy line work or subtle use of of grey tones.

Minimal use of white ink is sometimes used in micro tattoos giving them a nice 'pop' rarely achieved in the same way as a design with bolder lines.

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