The Black Sketch Tattoos Of Pastilliam

The Black Sketch Tattoos Of Pastilliam

What do you think of the doodle-style tattoos of artist Pastilliam?

Sketchy, simple, illustrative tattoos are on the rise, and one of the artists dominating that scene is William Fjellman, more commonly known as... Pastilliam. 

Sketch-like designs made from black line-work and minimal shading create tattoos that aren't confined by the rules of a particular style.

It's so rewarding to write about and share tattoo art because of the infinite number of styles in existence today... a never-ending list of patterns, designs, techniques and forms that highlight the individuality of each person and the inexhaustibly varied nature of art itself. 

Pastilliam's tattoos break the mould with surreal imagery, unique dot shading and wavy yet precise line-work.

Photos from William's Instagram.

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