The Versatile and Alternative Black And Grey Jared Asalli

The Versatile and Alternative Black And Grey Jared Asalli

Singaporean-based, Indonesian-born tattoo artist Jared Asalli shows off his sheer versatility through his alternative style pieces.

I've introduced you to Jared Asalli early this year in 10 Tattoo Artists To Watch Out For In 2016. This time, I'm dedicating him a whole page of his own to showcase his talents and impressive works. 

Last year may be the year of the Europeans in the tattoo scene with the likes of trash polka tattoo artists, Volko Merschky & Simone Pfaff and master black and grey tattooist, Niki Norberg. Now, 2016 seems to be crazy about talents from South Korea. We rarely get the incredibly skilled men and women from the rest of Asia. But here's Jared Asalli to raise the flag.

Working his way up from being a junior tattoo artist in mid-2011, he's since become one of the top recommended artists in Singapore at the moment. And this is why I not in the least doubt that:

One look at Jared's feed on Instagram gives you an impression of a decent tattoo artist working in black and grey. But digging deeper, I discovered the all-around skill of the Indonesian artist in tattoos. While he had mentioned in one of his posts before that he's still in the process of developing his own style, Jared had no qualms about dipping his tattoo fingertips into other styles.

I've definitely seen a lot in his works. While there's prevalence in tribal and sacred geometry, you can see that he's not afraid to give contemporary tattoo styles a try. I've gotten a glimpse of brushstroke, an array of blackwork, a Lisa Orth-inspired one, and even sketch style.

I hold it true, Jared Asalli is somebody to watch for — and not just for 2016.

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