These 9 Famous YouTubers Have Some Rad Tattoos!

These 9 Famous YouTubers Have Some Rad Tattoos!

Have a look at 9 of the coolest tattooed Youtubers!

Ever since YouTube's creation back in 2005, independent video producers and movie makers have used the platform to create content and share it with their audiences. Some of these YouTube stars (or YouTubers) have seen their popularity rise dramatically, with subscriber bases reaching 20, 30 or even 40 million people! According to a recent study, YouTubers' popularity can generally be attributed to the fact that people can easily relate to them, a trait seldom found in other mainstream stars like TV personalities or Hollywood actors. 

Coincidentally, these YouTubers' popularity has started growing around the same time tattoos started becoming more mainstream. To celebrate both the YouTube and the tattoo communities, here are 9 of the coolest, raddest, most awesome tattooed YouTube stars of the moment.

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