Three Become One: Biffy Clyro's New Joining Tattoo

Three Become One: Biffy Clyro's New Joining Tattoo

Scottish kings of rock Biffy Clyro get a connecting tattoo ahead of their upcoming new album.

Tattoo artist DotsToLines has created a unique and special tattoo for UK alternative rock band Biffy Clyro.

A photo released on the band's Facebook page revealed a new tattoo on the musicians' backs (and leg!) that joined together to form one spiral piece of artwork.

Simon Neil, James Johnston, and Ben Johnston make up the successful Scottish band who have lifelong passion for (and bodies adorned with) tattoos. 

How do I know this? Because I have never seen the band perform live with clothes on*! Known for rocking with their tops off, the personal tattoos of these three talented musicians have been shared with the world in various photo shoots and live performances. 

*I ain't complaining

The below photo was posted by the band with the caption: "When three become one!! Thank you Chaim Machlev unbelievable work. Forever grateful."

Chaim, under his tattoo brand DotsToLines, creates the most epic detailed tattoos.

The tattoo runs from Ben's upper back, to James' full back, down onto Simon's leg (pictured below). 

What better way to signify their connection to each other (aw, you guys).

This new tattoo decision comes ahead of the band's upcoming seventh studio album release. Ellipsis is on sale 8 July.

I am a huge Biffy fan and have seen them perform many times before. 

The boys will headline this year's Reading and Leeds Festival, the UK's biggest rock event held in two locations across August bank holiday weekend. 

I am counting the days already. Will you be there?

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