Tattoo Artist Grace Neutral Inside South Korean Beauty Industry

Tattoo Artist Grace Neutral Inside South Korean Beauty Industry

Heavily modified tattoo artist Grace Neutral travels to South Korea to explore the country's beauty ideals and its obsession with beauty.

With her forked tongue, lack of belly button, purple-hued eyeballs, ornately scarred face, and body covered in tattoos, Grace Neutral knows a thing or two about challenging beauty and body image. Vice's i-D invited the 27-year-old to go all the way to South Korea where tattooing is illegal but getting cosmetic surgery is very acceptable.

For the next four episodes of ‘Beyond Beauty’, we'll see Grace navigate her way in the country and learn about how very different yet so similar the South Koreans' attitudes are towards beauty ideals compared to the Westerners.

The tattoo artist found herself in the heart of South Korea's billion dollar beauty industry, realizing just how serious the country takes beauty. She got to talk to everyday people and listen to them talk about their regime and stand points on beauty — picking up horrified and fascinated looks along the way.

For Beyond Beauty's first episode, Grace meets a young South Korean woman fresh out of university who will be showing her around beauty hotspots in the city. The young woman talks to Grace about her experiences, how her fellow South Koreans view cosmetic surgeries in general, and how she feels about the effort she exerts personally in order to look beautiful

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