10 Alien Invasions by Sean From Texas

10 Alien Invasions by Sean From Texas

We want to believe.

If you haven't already heard about tattoo artist Sean From Texas, chances are- you're living under a rock. With a crazy rise to popularity due to his... for lack of a better term, "fucked up" tattoo designs and effortlessly badass, somewhat reclusive persona- it's no wonder people are losing their minds over this dude. 

Amongst his fine lines, deadpan text and witty illustrations- a common reoccurring theme is ALIENS (pretend I said that like the guy from Ancient Aliens with the crazy hair for full effect.) 

With a natural penchant for the strange and unusual along with a grandfather who did art for NASA, it's really no surprise that Sean From Texas frequently references the great unknown and the little green men who most likely inhabit it. 

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I've rounded up my favorite space-inspired work by Sean From Texas below. Check em out and head over to his Instagram for even more. 

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