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10 Battle Ready Kabuto Tattoos

Embrace your inner Samurai warrior with these awesome Kabuto tattoos.

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As ornate as they are tough these Kabuto tattoos have a lot to offer, including some great inspiration. 

A type of helmet first used in ancient Japan the Kabuto became an essential part of a Samurai's armor and could prove the difference in a successful war or not. As important as their sword the Kabuto was an essential piece of armor for any noble Samurai, often highly decorated Kabuto was also shaped to look like a demon and intimidate the enemy. Although coming in many forms the look of a classic Kabuto is easily recognized and these Kabuto tattoos capture it perfectly.

Kabuto tattoos are a solid choice for a Samurai or Japanese themed tattoo that can look good in a number of styles. Take a look through these rad Kabuto tattoos and see which one stands out for you! 


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