To The Batmobile! Bat Tattoos For Your Stomachs and Sternums

By Robert Davies - 
To The Batmobile! Bat Tattoos For Your Stomachs and Sternums

These winged creatures make for some excellent body art.

Bats. They've enchanted us for hundreds of thousand of years. Flying rats, vampires, carriers of disease, totem to be worshipped — the bat has a long and storied history. These winged mammals, with all the rumors, myths, and lore behind them, don't get enough credit for the absolute service they do for our environment. 

Bats, you see, are insect hunters and flower pollinators. Ah, you thought that only bees pollinated flowers. In fact, many tropical plant species need bats to pollinate and therefore propagate them. No bats = no plants. No bats = lots of bugs. Not to mention, their famed bat guano (their poop, guys) is rich with vitamins and quite an asset to farmers. 

Bat tattoos are solid homages to these little winged dudes. Hung upsidedown from the wearer's chest, a bat expanding its webbed, creepy wings is an excellent addition to your stomach and sternum. 

So stop giving bats a bad rap. The future of our ecosystem depends on it.

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