10 Gruff Moe Szyslak Tattoos

Everyone's favorite bad tempered bartender makes a cool Simpsons tattoo.

21inkedd10 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Moe Szyslak tattoos continue the proud legacy of Springfield's finest characters being immortalized in ink. 

Owner and bartender of Moe's Tavern Morris 'Moe' Szyslak is a recurring Simpsons character that only gets better the more you see him. A short tempered and somewhat desperate figure, Moe, has been voiced by Hank Azaria since his on-screen debut. And from there on he has become a fan favorite character. Involved in numerous stories and plot lines, Moe has found his way into many of his fans' hearts and they have repaid him in ink.

Moe Syzslak tattoos are exactly what you'd expect them to be, a classic image of Moe with a sarcastic comment along with it. Certainly a tattoo that'll bring a smile to your face and remind you why we love Springfield's residents so much. These Moe Syzslak tattoos will not disappoint, so enjoy!