10 Timeless Blackwork Hourglass Tattoos

10 Timeless Blackwork Hourglass Tattoos

A classic hourglass tattoo image always looks better in black!

These blackwork hourglass tattoos are the perfect thing for some inkspiration. 

Hourglass tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos to have, and with good reason. The hourglass has long been an image associated not only with the passage of time but also our own mortality. Such deep meaning makes it a powerful image to have on your body. Other variations of the hourglass include a winged hourglass that symbolizes how 'time flies'. While we all know that hour glass tattoos are cool there's still the dilemma of what style to get one in. 

Color hourglass tattoos are perhaps the more common choice, but blackwork has its place too. Take a look through these great blackwork hourglass tattoos and decide whether you'd go for color, or keep it classy with black ink only.