11 Animated Crash Bandicoot Tattoos

Everyone's favorite bandicoot is back in these awesome tattoos!

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Crash Bandicoot tattoos will have you reminiscing over the golden age of gaming. 

Spanning twenty years and 18 games, the Crash Bandicoot video game series has been a staple of any gamers life. For many it was the lovable bandicoot that got them into gaming and look back on their adventures on Wumpa Island with nostalgic joy. Of course there are some for whom the impact was so great they just had to put it in ink. 

Crash Banidcoot tattoos celebrate the legacy of a video game icon and make one energetic design in the process. Something about Crash Bandicoot tattoos makes people smile and reminds them of a simpler gaming time, when all you needed was a trusty PlayStation One and a free afternoon! Check out these rad Crash Bandicoot tattoos and be reminded why this gaming legend is so damn cool!