12 Calvin and Hobbes Inspired Tattoos That Take You Down Memory Lane

A tribute to Bill Watterson's children's comic books.

DirtyNico10 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Calvin and Hobbes have been around since the mid-eighties and have been enchanting kids and adults ever since.

The premise of this cartoon is influenced by the probable discussion of two famous European philosophers, them being John Calvin as the kid and Thomas Hobbes as the stuffed toy tiger. 

Calvin's straightforward attitude is borderline crazy yet hilarious while Hobbes is the logical and morally correct counterpart. Even though Hobbes is a stuffed toy, the idea of creating such a character is the proof of imagination being hard at work. These tattoos are a great homage to the incredibly diverse universe of Calvin and Hobbes that Bill Watterson brought to life! 

Hope you enjoyed these tattoos and that you might get one in the near future!