12 Intergalactic Star Trek's Spock Tattoos

12 Intergalactic Star Trek's Spock Tattoos

Fans pay tribute to Star Trek's Spock, played by the late Leonard Nimoy with tattoos that are out of this world—just like Spock and Nimoy.

It was late February when the news of Leonard Nimoy's passing shook the world(s) of sci-fi fans. Nimoy, who will forever be Mr. Spock to many, succumbed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and died from complications. We've been losing too many greats this year and I guess one of the best things we could do to keep their memories alive the only way we know how — by immortalizing them in the form of tattoos which is one of the most ultimate gestures of admiration.

While most grieving fans went for Star Trek marathons, others let out their sorrow through ink and got these stellar tributes featuring Leonard Nimoy's memorable role as Spock.

Live long and prosper.

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