13 Forbidding Blackwork Reaper Tattoos

13 Forbidding Blackwork Reaper Tattoos

A dark style suits a dark subject!

The Grim Reaper is a classic design and something about one in only black ink works brilliantly.

The Grim Reaper has a long history as the personification of death, a large forbidding figure who comes to greet you as you embrace the end we all meet. Often depicted in long black hooded robes and wielding a deadly looking scythe the reaper is an image we all know and one that has a strong presence in tattooing. Death is a key theme in many tattoos and a classic design for such a subject is that of a reaper.  

Blackwork reaper tattoos take the traditional theme of death and the image of a reaper and bring them to life with only black ink, a color fitting for the image. A brilliant choice for a blackwork design! Blackwork reaper tattoos look cool and have awesome meaning and symbolism, though they can mean anything you want them to. Take a look at the blackwork reaper tattoos and enjoy some dark yet inspiring black ink! 

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