13 Grim Blackwork Manor Portraits by Tyler Allen Kolvenbach

13 Grim Blackwork Manor Portraits by Tyler Allen Kolvenbach

Tyler Allen Kolvenbach's eerily grandiose mansions merged with haunting blackwork portrait tattoos will send chills down your spines.

Hudson Valley Tattoo Co. tattoo artist, Tyler Allen Kolvenbach, makes use of blackwork the best and eeriest way possible — with dark imagery artfully paired with exquisite designs. Tyler's works possess dominantly grim and sophisticated elements inspired by the peculiarities of the Victorian Era such as castles, Victorian fashion, and historic figures like Vlad the Impaler and physician Thomas Kirkbride.

Many of his tattoos feature architectural pieces in the form of mansions, estates, and other spacious residences straight from a Noir horror film. These architectural structures are incorporated in portraits that are designed just as darkly and somberly, giving off a dark and mysterious aura. The New York-based tattoo artist affectionately calls some of his tattoos from the series his ‘house ladies’ which started out as flashes but soon rose in client requests.

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