15 Fierce Mulan Tattoos That'll Make A Man Out Of You

15 Fierce Mulan Tattoos That'll Make A Man Out Of You

Be as strong as you are lovely the same way she was with these Mulan tattoos that definitely kick ass just as hard as the Disney heroine.

Disney sure did well with the only Asian princess they have given the world so far. Unlike some of her royal counterparts, Mulan wasn't your average damsel in distress princess because it's pretty clear she can take care of herself well enough. Ask the Huns. 

And if you've been doing some reading, you'll know that the real life Hua Mulan was actually at least ten times more badass than the animated character Disney made her out to be. But hey, the Disney film wasn't too shabby. And they definitely made the right decision of picking a strong, confident historic figure to represent a princess who can carry herself as a heroine.

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