21 Rainbow Tattoos That'll Remind You Of Better Days Ahead

21 Rainbow Tattoos That'll Remind You Of Better Days Ahead

In this cruel world, keep a beam of rainbow within you to always remind you of good things when it starts to pour.

Things have been very rough in the past few weeks following the terrible hate crime in Orlando this month that shook the nation. It's puzzling how one man can contain that much anger, violence, and ill will towards people whose life stories he had never even heard — and how few even find it in themselves to sympathize with the perpetrator. The whole country grieved for the loss of innocent, promising lives and the loved ones they've left behind. All there is left to do is heal and prove that there's nothing that can break your spirits.

I find it beautiful how the LGBT community chose the rainbow as their representing colors because not only do they symbolize gender diversity but the rainbow has always been associated with positive things that indicate the better things to come and to look forward to. As the saying goes, ‘you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.’ 

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