8 Unconventional Jesus Pizza Tattoos

Jesus pizza tattoos, because why the hell not!

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Want a tattoo that'll make you standout, look no further than the humble Jesus pizza tattoo. 

If you love pizza and Jesus then you're in luck with these rad Jesus pizza tattoos. To be honest, if you love awesome tattoos you're gonna love pizza Jesus tattoo! Any tattoo enthusiast knows that Jesus is a classic image in tattooing, it's been done time and again and in all manner of styles- one of which just happens to be pizza. 

Jesus pizza tattoos are a funky design that's packed with fun and charisma, a great idea for anyone after a tattoo people won't forget Jesus pizza tattoos are better than you might first think. Checkout these unconventional, yet brilliant, Jesus pizza tattoos and enjoy!