Bold And Brutal Blackwork Tattoos By 3Kreuze

These blackwork tattoos aren't for the faint-hearted!

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Artists

3Kreuze does blackwork that will leave you speechless. 

If you love your solid black tattoos then you're gonna be thrilled with the work of 3Kreuze because this guy goes all in with his designs! Whether a small simple piece or a full black sleeve, 3Kreuze's brutally bold style gives it a solid look that'll reshape your understanding of what blackwork is. Perhaps not the sort of thing you'd get yourself, you still can't flaw these insane blackwork tattoos and the impact they have... maybe they will convince you blackout your own arm!

You can see more of this epic blackwork artist on Instagram so be sure to hit the follow button.