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Dad Of The Year Gets Tattoo To Support His Cancer Surviving Son!

What a great way to show your love for your offspring!

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After his 8 year-old son Gabriel was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour back in 2015, a father went beyond all borders for his kid! Josh "J-Mash" Marshall got a matching scar tattoo after his son's surgery! "The large scar makes him feel like a monster" and "He was very embarrassed about the scar" says his dad. 

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Matching scar tattoo headtattoo cancer
Matching scar tattoo #headtattoo #cancer

Since he is a good parent, J-Mash knew that was the best thing he could do to make his son feel normal! After going through such hardship and beating cancer, Gabriel definitely deserved a time off! 

Nicolas Schulz
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Unconditional Love love family
Unconditional Love #love #family

This guy is doing parenting right! We hope this inspires you to be the best parent you could be!


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