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Enter The Old West With These Six Shooter Tattoos!

A gun that shaped the frontier looks killer in ink.

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A six shooter tattoo is perfect for any cowboy loving tattoo collector. 

A six shooter is a revolver that holds six cartridges- it's pretty clear really. Popular in the hey day of the wild west, six shooters were carried by lawmen and outlaws alike, and many a debt was settled with the draw of a six shooter. A true symbol of the American frontier, six shooters have become a very popular tattoo and are the perfect design for anyone after a western themed tattoo. 

Six shooter tattoos are arguably best done in a bold traditional style as the solid colors and thick lines suit the look of a six shooter perfectly. If you're after your own cool six shooter tattoo why not have Tattoodo draw you up an awesome design just for you! In the meantime be sure to get some inspiration from these sharp six shooter tattoos.

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