Fantastically Original Tattoos by Marine Perez

Fantastically Original Tattoos by Marine Perez

If you get a tattoo by Marine Perez you are sure to get a unique style, she kills it!

Packed with color, character and quality, you can't knock these Marine Perez tattoos. 

If you were to describe a tattoo by Marine Perez you'd probably go with something like abstract or graphic, but in reality they are their own unique style- the style of Perez. Engaging subjects and colors bring life to Perez's work and has her designs jumping right at you. They're also somewhat thought provoking and a fine example of when tattooing meets modern art. 

Even if you're not the biggest fan of contemporary tattoos you'll still get some enjoyment and inspiration from these Perez tattoos. Once you've finished looking be sure to follow Perez over on Instagram and show her some Tattoodo love! 

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