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Faultless Freehand Tattoos by Curly Moore

Big freehand blackwork is always a welcome sight!

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Curly Moore is a freehand master and an artist you need to know. 

Artist Curly Moore is a great tattooer and over the last few decades has cemented his place as one of the best freehand blackwork artists in the world. Tribal, geometric, linework and pattern work all feature in the immense black stylings of Moore and he does the majority of it freehand...that includes tattooing himself! Yep, as if his work wasn't impressive enough, Moore has tattooed a fair amount of his own body and the results are just as awesome as his other pieces. 

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Moore Tattooing Himself and Adding To his Awesome Bodysuit CurlyMoore Blackwork Freehand SelfTattoo freehandtattoo FreehandTattooing FreehandArtist
Moore Tattooing Himself and Adding To his Awesome Bodysuit #CurlyMoore #Blackwork #Freehand #SelfTattoo #freehandtattoo #FreehandTattooing #FreehandArtist

Now that we've peaked your interest checkout some more of Moore's epic freehand blackwork below and be sure to go give him a follow on Instagram

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