Graffiti and Graphics: The Tattoos of Szejn Szejnowski

Graffiti and Graphics: The Tattoos of Szejn Szejnowski

We know you're into tattoos! And if you have a thing for graffiti as well - then Szejn is your guy!

This awesome artist has a graffiti background and it shows (in the coolest way!) in a lot of his tattoos! 

This is a part of the reason he masters graphic formations, color and inscriptions with a steady and secure hand! 

Szejn is a part of the team at the Russian studio Juniorink in Warsaw, Poland. However, when you see his portfolio, you kind of wish he was "located worldwide like the art of graffiti" (yes, that's a Tupac reference right there #tattooedlegends ftw!)

I was so excited when I stumbled upon a tattoo of his in our app that I wanted to share a couple with you guys! So here you go! 

I had a hard time choosing which photos to include in this feature - so if you liked what you've just seen, I suggest you'll check this guy's portfolio out on Instagram @szejno 

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