Graphic Traditional Tattoos by Lewis Mckechnie

Old school designs with kickass quality. Meet Lewis Mckechnie and discover his awesome traditional tattoos.

21inkedd10 months ago in Tattoo Artists

Intense style and imagery make Lewis Mckechnie's traditional tattoos some graphic ink!

Artist Lewis Mckechnie has a brilliantly graphic traditional style that'll leave you wanting your own awesome Mckechnie piece. Working from Edinburgh, Scotland, Mckechnie has a reputation for producing clean traditional tattoos with his own intense and graphic look. With a somewhat dark quality Mckechnie's tattoos are a little different from the norm of traditional tattooing but I'll think you agree that it totally works!

Whether you're after some killer inspiration or looking for an artist to create that fierce traditional wolf you want then Mckechnie is your guy. 

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