If Grant Kemp doesn't win The Bachelorette, I will lose all faith in mandkind. @grant_kemp GrantKemp TheBachelorette

If The Bachelorette Doesn't Pick This Hot Tattooed Guy...

He's a tattooed firefighter, model, and almost never has a shirt on. What more does she want?

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Well, ABC has unleashed the Bachelorette beast yet again for season 12, and we all know what that means: A brand new batch of fresh beefcake to fall in love with, want to punch repeatedly in the face, or both. But don't worry. I'm pretty sure we all already know who the winner of this season is going to be. 

Allow me to introduce you to Grant Kemp.

Grant is a model. Who has some pretty nice tattoos. And abs. Like 40 of them. OH, and he's a fucking firefighter, too. And did I mention his abs? 

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This should be illegal. @grant_kemp GrantKemp TheBachelorette
This should be illegal. @grant_kemp #GrantKemp #TheBachelorette

All I can say is, if cheekbones are any indicator of sensitivity, intelligence, drive and wit- Grant Kemp is the indisputable winner. Here's some proof. 

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The guy saves kittens from trees and has got a jawline for days. I'm sorry, but I think we can go ahead and call this one before it even starts. That being said- To the rest of the contestants: I'm sure you're all great guys, but this is an unfair competition and I'm truly sorry for your loss.... but GTFO. 

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Hey wait.... I'm over here, babe @grant_kemp GrantKemp TheBachelorette
Hey wait.... I'm over here, babe @grant_kemp #GrantKemp #TheBachelorette



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