In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night: 12 Superb Green Lantern Tattoos

Green Lantern tattoos are awesome - so enjoy! They fight evil, kickass and look so cool in ink!

21inkedd9 months ago in Tattoo Ideas

Green Lantern is a name applied to a number of DC Comics superheroes who fight crime and evil with the aid of a ring that grants them extraordinary powers and abilities. The first Green Lantern was Alan Scott, but it was with the second Lantern, Hal Jordan, that the hero really came into their own. Other notable Green Lanterns have included Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Simon Baz and Kyle Rayner. 

Perfect for any fan of the interstellar Green Lantern Corps these Green Lantern tattoos look awesome and are thankfully inspired by the comics and not the Green Lantern movie. Take a look and decide which Lantern design you like best.