Kelly Osbourne Honours Orlando Shooting Victims With Head Tattoo

Two days after the horrific tragedy that struck Orlando, Kelly Osbourne got a touching 'Solidarity' head tattoo

tattoodo9 months ago in Stories

The London-born celebrity, best known for her appearances on The Osbournes, aims to deliver a message of hope and peace to the world with her latest tattoo. 

Following the heartbreaking story of the Orlando shooting, Osbourne uploaded a photo of her new tattoo on Instagram with the following caption:

Solidarity: "Noun. Unity of feeling of individuals with a common interest or purpose." Individually, we have rights and unique gifts. Together, we have strength and powerful harmony. I have wanted to get this tattoo for a long time. The tragedy in Orlando devastated me and reminded me that every moment of our lives is precious. Every human is precious. Love hard. Live gracefully, authentically and with conviction, respect, purpose and compassion. Together we achieve what is impossible to those who stand alone. Those of us who embrace and respect freedom stand together, progress together, celebrate together and grieve together.

You are not alone ❤️

This tattoo is not the celebrity's first head tattoo. Check out what she has tattooed on the left side of her head here!