In the streets of NYC via FAME/FLYNET

Kendall Jenner Shows Off Nipple Piercing in NYC!

Kendall enjoys a bra-less promenade through the streets of New York..

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OMG!!! Kendall Jenner is turning heads wherever she goes. Taking a stroll in downtown New York and getting tattoos from #JonBoy with her girlfriends, she surely didn't worry about not wearing a bra! And neither do we! You're not gonna believe this - check it out below!

Pierced nipples KendallJenner via
Pierced nipples #KendallJenner via
Kendall Jenner's tattoo pray handtattoo JonBoy
Kendall Jenner's tattoo #pray #handtattoo #JonBoy
Walking in New York without a Bra  nobrasbro newyork via LDP/GU
Walking in New York without a Bra #nobrasbro #newyork via LDP/GU
Breast Friends! 😂  GigiHadid KendallJenner via Instagram
Breast Friends! 😂 #GigiHadid #KendallJenner via Instagram
Nipple piercing kendalljenner NewYork via
Nipple piercing #kendalljenner #NewYork via

Did you know Kendall and her sister Kylie have matching nipple piercings? See the original story here:

Omg!! Kendall & Kylie Jenner Have Nipple Piercings!!

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