Light It Up With These Rousing Cigarette Tattoos

Light It Up With These Rousing Cigarette Tattoos

Warning: Cigarette smoking may be dangerous for your health but tattooing cigarettes isn't. Check out these LIT cigarette tattoos!

I was five when I was first exposed to what smoking was. As I've seen on TV where suave men and femme fatales casually put thin paper rolls between their lips, inhaling and exhaling ghosts of their cigarettes.

There's also the fascination with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's looking all sassy and classy with her cigarette holder. And I've also had my share of cigarette breaks in college feeling like the late vocalist of Nirvana. Those days are long gone but my fascination with cigarettes was never snuffed out. They always seem to add a certain edge to a character. I also find illustrations a tad more interesting when there's somebody smoking in it.

There is no need for a cigarette tattoo for model Ash Stymest when he makes cigarettes and tattoos look so damn good.

Here's one more of the ultra sexy Ash Stymest lighting one up during a shoot because he does what he does. Check out our feature of him here.

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